New album: ‘A Parting Gift’
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New album: 'A Parting Gift' - buy it now on BandCamp
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A Parting Gift - Official album launch - Aatma, Manchester, 28th September 2018

Official album launch

28th September, Aatma, Manchester

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Within Spires lies hope not only for the Mancunian, but also for the British metal scene! - Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine

Everything about this is classy...there's no way they'll be unsigned for long. - Zero Tolerance Magazine

This is intelligent, challenging music that demands concentration, without sounding impressed by it's own cleverness. - Terrorizer Magazine

This is a really impressive album that will be a favourite with fans of progressive metal in years to come. – Rhys Milsom, Dead Press Zine

‘Spiral of Ascension’ is an outstanding album and, as a result, Spires deserve to be huge and I have no doubt that they will be. Easily my Metal and Progressive album of 2010. - Lara Lackie, Uberrock

In conclusion, to say I’m impressed is an understatement. Consider my mind blown! -

If you call yourself a metal fan, or hell just a music fan in general, you need this and you need it now. A truly outstanding piece of art, where Spires go next is anybody's guess, but this is truly amazing. - Phil, Sonic Abuse

Spires are without a doubt the most exciting new band to come outta the UK in a while simply cos they're so different yet so familiar and most of all, not so technical as to be so far up their own arses that you can't work it out: this is still very much grass roots heavy metal albeit with an extra dimensional edge. - Shan Siva, Battlehelm Webzine

A very diverse job, full of changes in style, but manages to have a flow and continuity. Altogether we have 8 units with a maturity of up to 65 minutes...This disc has much to offer those who love melodic and progressive metal. 90/100 - Sofia Charalampous, Devils Horns Mag (Greece)

You don't listen to this kind of music, you experience it and this is a band you really have to experience for yourself. In many ways an avant-garde mish mash like this should not work. For me however, it does and that is huge credit to this outstandingly talented outfit. - Pete Garrison,

" illuminating glimpse into genius song will be extremely hard pushed to find a better British progressive extreme metal band on the basis of the eight tracks here." - PuddaWudda, UK Metal Underground

Here is a band that applies the technicality of a band like Dream Theater without being overly complex or alienating, and it blends skilfully together with the extreme elements...There's a real skilfulness to the way they shift so easily from these intense, dreamy sounds into more brutal, deathly passages and it definitely works. - Luci Herbert, MTUK